Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today while on my way to class, I get off the bus and make my way to the sky train station.

There are the usual "paper boys" there handing out newspapers.

I don't normally get a paper, because frankly I think that it is just promoting litter to be strewn all over the streets in this city, but today I decided to grab one.

I turn to the first page in the paper only to find an article titled, "Dead dog found inside ice block". I am immediately outraged and ready to take a bus to this northern BC town to "take care" of whoever is responsible for this absolute horrific doing.

You can read the article here. I warn you to take caution though, because this article contains graphic content, and it isn't for the faint at heart.

I am so sick of hearing about stories like this. What makes me even more sick is when people claim, "It's just a dog" ... Well according to me, then "you" are just a human. Really. What makes people think that they are better than any other animal on this planet?

Officials need to do a better job to track down the people that commit these crimes. And once they are caught, they need to be given a much more harsher sentence. Why are these disgraces of people only getting a slap on the wrist? If it were up to me (which it should be) I would sentence them to the same treatment that they bestowed upon these animals. These crimes should be treated as homicides.. as murders. There is no reason that they shouldn't be treated this way. How is this any different than killing another human?

Call me insensitive to my own species, but I hate all of them.. okay, perhaps that is a bit harsh. Not all people obviously, but ones who are so messed up in the head that they commit these sorts of crimes. I hope their mothers are proud of themselves for raising such "wonderful" people.

Until next time..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be extra, extra, extra cautious!

Being a student doesn't allow for too many work hours during the week, so you can imagine that my funds are limited when it comes to buying gifts.. especially during the Christmas season.

I wanted to get my hubby something extra special this past season because of everything he had done for me in the 2010 year.

I decided on an ipod because his mp3 player.. well mine that he was using.. was starting to die, and the storage capacity just wasn't cutting it.

Sooo, after much shopping, both online and off, I chose one that was being sold on eBay. Bad idea.

I received the ipod in the mail within 2 weeks of my purchase. I was so proud of myself for coming up with this genius gift idea that hubby had absolutely NO clue about. So, you can imagine my disappointment.. okay more like imgoingtofreakinkillthosemofos when I open up the package only to find a friggen FAKE ipod. Grrr. Seriously, if the purchase is too good to be true, then it most likely is.

You can watch my video of this fony baloney music device below:

As the video states, I was able to get my money back. However, I had to go through a lengthy 51 days of running around getting evidence that it was indeed a fake. This involved going to an actual Apple store and getting them to provide me with documentation stating that it wasn't a legitimate product. Thank goodness I live in a city where there are Apple stores on every corner of every street. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I finally got my money back this morning. The final thing I had to do was destroy and dispose of the "ipod". Since I didn't want this thing to cause anymore damage than it already had, I took it to it's final resting place at the recycling depot.. after smashing it's ugly fake face in of course!

I just wanted to throw a "heads up" out there. You really can't trust anyone out there anymore. This is such a shame, because these scam artists take advantage of honest people like you and me. And they are seriously everywhere.

For example:

I was recently informed that an UGG website I was looking at to get.. well what else would I be getting from there? ..was a fraud website that sells cheap knock offs, and if caught up in this scam, there is no way to get your money back.

I just shake my head in disbelief.

So take extra, extra, extra caution while shopping online, and if you do get caught up in a scam, do everything in your power to expose and destroy them. Let's not let these losers get the best of us and our hard earned, honest money.

PS. I was still able to get hubby a REAL ipod for Christmas! Only the second time around, I went directly to the Apple store. Lesson learned.

Until next time..