Thursday, October 27, 2011

The death of me

There are days when I am absolutely unproductive, and by unproductive I mean that I genuinely. do. nothing.

Today was one of those days. I woke up with good intentions: I had a plan to clean around the apartment and possibly bake cookies. Then I turned on the TV. Ultimate fail. I pretty much parked my butt on the couch and watched show after show all freaking day.

There are times when I wish that we didn't have television during the week. I could get so much done. Take today for example, I could have cleaned, baked, and caught up with school work before the weekend. Could have, would have, should have.

Of course I never would get rid of the ever so loved television because I just so happen to be obsessed with some of the new programming on. Five shows that I simply adore are Ringer, 9O21O, Grey's Anatomy, The Amazing Race and CSI. These shows keep my sane and allow me to have something to look forward to during the passing weeks.

I have been having a hard time connecting with my school schedule this term. I am taking a second half English course, and I am certain it will be the death of me. The upside? This is the last humanities course that I will ever have to take for the rest of my life. This course, however, cannot be over soon enough. I am sick of writing essays, sick of doing research on topics such as Gender Theory, and just sick of hearing what others thought of a gay-fantasia play. I am definitely a science and math student. Humanities can suck it.

It's amazing how many people share my same feelings about English. We had a discussion at the beginning of the semester on why we thought English was a requirement for every single program and what we thought about this requirement. Lets just say that everyone was in agreement that we thought it was a waste of time and money. This is a sad statement, but it's the truth. Why exactly is it a requirement? I know that we all have to know how to use proper grammar and how to write essays. I get that. But what I don't get, is why we must spend countless hours reading and talking about how we felt about our readings. Sounds more like a shrink session if you ask me.

But whatever. C'est la vie. I guess it's just something that I will have to get over in this long journey in becoming a doctor. It better be worth it.

Until next time..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shut the hell up

Sometimes people need to shut their faces and mind their own business.

I am so sick and tired of people telling me that dental school is "hard to get into." Do you honestly think that I don't already know this little tid bit of information?! Look, I know it's "hard to get into," and it really doesn't help my situation, or my confidence, to remind me of it.

I have pretty much narrowed people's ignorance down to the fact that they are just simply jealous. I am sorry that you are not happy in your own pathetic life, or job for that matter, that you have to bring me down. I cannot help the fact that you didn't go to school to better yourself, and if you did go to school, that you didn't choose the right field, or were too lazy to spend extra time in school to be in a better program.

Why all this frustration all of a sudden, you ask? Well let me tell you. Yesterday was "info night" at my college. I had just gotten out of my English class and decided to see what it was all about.. and to enter into their draw to win $500 towards tuition. I am drawn to anything teeth, so I am automatically drawn towards to the Dental Hygiene booth and Denturist booth. They ask me if I am planning on applying for their programs, and I say no and explain what I am actually going for, a dentist. The next thing that comes out of their mouths astonishes me: They tell me that I need to be in the 90 percential to even be considered into top instituions, and they inform me of the price (DO THEY HONESTLY THINK I DO NOT KNOW THIS CRAP!?!?). They then go on to tell me that their program is cheaper and it takes less time.. duh, because in the end I won't have a "Dr." infront of my name!
I just honestly could not believe their response to me. No "good luck, you'll do great," just a bunch of discouragement to get me to enter their program. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the people that build our futures. They are our educators, and they are discouraging us.

I've encountered this problem before with other people, people that aren't important. Usually people that I have worked with in the past (again, jealousy) and random customers that I have delt with in the past while working in the sales industry. But to have this response from an educator just baffles me. I wish I would have said something, but I am always so taken back from their responses that I just stand there starting at them, wondering if I really just heard what they truely said.

So, word of advice. Do NOT tell students, or anyone for that matter, that they cannot make it. You have no idea what that individual is capable of. Also, you have no idea whether or not that ignorant comment you just made was enough to destroy that persons dream because they were already having doubts. Simply keep your mouth shut of your oh-so lame ass comments, and instead give a welcoming smile and tell them that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Until next time..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Technology nightmares

For the past month or so, I had been having insane computer problems; the internet was slow, pages wouldn't scroll down, my firewall kept disabling, the list goes on. During the past week, it got beyond bad. I couldn't even go on Facebook (Gasp!) without having to refresh the browsing page because it was running so damn slow.

So, today, I decided to get down to business and figure out what in God's green earth was going on. I did everything. I started off by running a full scan. Two hours later, I had to clean out the disk drive and perform a disk defragmenter thing, you know, and all that jazz. After all that was finished, about an hour later, I had to update my computer. That nasty ass update took three hours (?!). So now I am thinking that I must have had some sort of luck in fixing my computer. No dice. My antivirus is now yielding a huge red "X" and saying that my computer is at risk. Whattttttttt.

Praise the Lord that I have a smart phone, and thus have access to the almighty internet, so I go researching as to what to do next. To my astonishment, I find out that my antivirus program is the down right culprit. Ohhh the irony. Apparently, in 2000, the owner of the once fabulous antivirus program, McAfee, had decided to sell his company and from there it went all down hill. People are having problems left, right and center with this damn program, and it even makes up its own viruses. Lovely.

So, on I go to uninstall this "antivirus" protection. All these warnings pop up that say, "WARNING! You are disabling necessary antivirus protection and exposing your computer to threats." Pffffft.. as long as I am done with your ass, I don't see this being an issue. I click the "proceed to uninstall" button and voila! my computer is working like it did when I opened it up from its packaging back on Christmas day.

Lesson of the day, do not, and I repeat not, buy or use McAfee antivirus protection. I have never had so many problems in my technological life. Don't be a cheap ass (like I was being) and just stick with what works. ie. Norton.

Until next time..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living green

I've always been in to the "green scene" and have been an active recycler of many different things: the obvious bottles for moola, bringing our own bags to the grocery store and local recycling service this lovely city offers - containers, newsprint and paper products.

Contributing to these different recycling options, we have significantly reduced our garbage in half. However, I still feel like it is not enough.

I want to start a home compost. Now, living in an apartment does not always deem this easy.. or maybe even possible, but I am determined. After briefly searching the wonderful worldwide web, I have come up with the idea of a "trash can" compost.. ironic, I know. It essentially consists of a plastic garbage pail with a lid and several large holes cut out (with mesh covering said holes). The idea thrills me. I can now imagine that our trash will be cut down ten fold because we throw away so much food.. yes, I know, I know.. why purchase food if we don't eat it? But don't rag on me because we all do it.

Now obviously a compost isn't really necessary unless you have somewhere to use it's wonderful composty goodness. Hence my next brilliant idea: I want to start a garden on our deck. We just so happen to be fortunate enough to live on the ground level and have a lovely large deck.. not balcony. I would love to get some large cedar boxes to line the deck and possibly some boxes to put on the ledge.. think along the lines of flower boxes. A little garden would not only save costs, but it would be better for our health.. no pesticides or herbicides. I could basically grow anything; carrots, peas, lettuce, potatoes, zucchini, asparagus, herbs, and even some fruit! I am thinking along the lines of strawberries and tomatoes. Not only will my apartment garden contain a bountiful amount of veggies, but it will also allow for beautiful flowers and luscious green grass for my three furry monsters.

I've always really enjoyed gardening, but haven't really entertained the idea of actually having one, with the limited space and all. Of course I have to have this brilliant idea come while we are in the middle of fall and with winter quickly threatening us. I suppose I can look at this as a good thing because now I can start saving for my supplies. I pretty much blame my Martha Stuart magazine subscription for subliminally presenting me with this gardening desire. I have been seeing way too many adds for gardening gloves (and embarrassingly swooning over them) and watering cans.. not to mention adorable gardening spades, and the essential gardeners carrying box.. yes, essential. Having this idea at this time of the year will also give me time to prepare and decide which seeds I would like to plant, and if they need to be started before being plunged into 'ol mother earth.

All this talk about gardens now has me excited for garden visitors, butterflies and bumble bees! And now I am inclined to also include a bird feeder. And you can't just include one bird feeder, you must have two to please both seed munchers and sweet nectar suckers, ie. humming birds. Now my cats are really going to love me! They get grass and a show.. a very tempting show.

Until next time..