Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken feet

Don't knock it until you have had it.

I should first go on to say that not every restaurant serves good feet.. gosh, I sound like a cannibal.

There is an excellent Chinese restaurant here in the lower mainland that serves some of the best Dim Sum you could possibly find. Sure, it's not as authentic.. and by authentic I mean that the Dim Sum isn't wheeled around on a cart ready for you to pluck it off.. but it is instead made to order, fresh, and mmm damn delicious. I could eat their steamed shrimp dumplings all day, every day!

Growing up in a small town in northern BC, I had never been exposed to any food other than typical western cuisine; however, I should note that I think that my mom was Asian in a past life because we used to eat all kinds of chicken liver, chicken heart, fried rice and fried okra. Anywayyyyy.. besides my mom's unique diversions, we mainly ate the "typical" food found in Canada: hamburgers, chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese.. you get the point. 

So needless to say, when I moved to the lower mainland, I was blown away by the diversity of food. Not that we didn't have different kinds of food where I grew up.. okay, one Chinese restaurant. So, lets just say that I wasn't exposed to much.

There are so many different styles of food that I adore; however, I still cannot get over the fact that people eat cow stomach. I do not think that I could ever venture down that road. Something about gastric juices does not turn my crank.. Or chicken intestine.. okay, lets just say anything that involves the digestive track.

I think I will just stick to body parts that walked around in poo all day.

Such a double standard.

Until next time..

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  1. Lol... I won't knock it.. But I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon. All I can say is, your brave lady!