Monday, September 13, 2010

10 things

1. I once did a 24 hour famine with a bunch of friends in high school to raise money for charity, and we boiled chicken soup and drank the broth (To this day I still do not know if that was considered cheating).

2. When I was about 3 or 4, my father took me and my older sister to the Okanagan to go water sliding for my birthday. My sister and I were going down one of the water slides, when I suddenly had "to go". I frantically told my sister, and she replied, "just go, I do it all the time". She didn't know that it was indeed the number 2 I was referring to. Down to the point, I pooed in my bathing suit.

3. My first kiss was the year before kindergarten with the neighbour boy under the trees in our front yard.

4. One night, when I was young, I talked to God, and someone talked back. I laid in bed thinking that this can't happen. I got up and checked in the rooms and everyone was fast asleep. God is real. I know it was Him that answered me.

5. I can chop firewood with an axe. All me. All my own woman power.

6. I excessively brush my teeth. I take a good 5 minutes getting in every nook and cranny. I am obsessed with teeth hygiene. However, I never take the time to floss and I feel completely guilty for it.

7. In 2004 when my house burnt down, 2 men appeared out of no where and carried myself, my 8 month old nephew, and sister to the neighbours house. No one knew who they were. To this day, my sister and I believe that they were angels sent from God. They are among us.

8. My mom, grandma, 2 sisters and I used to annually drive down to Oklahoma each summer to visit my great grandma. During these road trips, my older sister used to wreak havoc. She would do everything from reach behind my younger sisters car seat (which was in between us) and unlatch my seat belt so I would get hit on the hands with a flyswatter (my grandma was such a nice lady) to bribe me with my own candy so I would recite my ABC's.

9. Driving down to Seattle, WA when we were young, I was sound asleep and suddenly sprung up from my slumber to sing "Almighty God" (My mother used to play this song each morning on full blast and repeat while she got ready for shift work). We still have a good laugh at this story. That song was engraved in my head.

10. My older sister and I used to dress up as bears and hide in the raspberry bushes to scare my little sister. We would laugh hysterically. It is now not that funny, because my youngest sister was sincerely terrified.

What are your 10 things?


  1. Thanks for the follow :o) Your blog is great! I'm following you back!

    ~Spoons, Spades & Stitches

  2. Oh Bernanna, I was laughing so hard that I still have tears rolling down my cheeks! Oh too funny!
    1. Dear sister...that is cheating
    4. Amen! Gos is all around us!
    6. Your going to be a dental hygenist and you dont floss?! ;)
    7. The night of our house fire you forgot to mention it was at 4am and we lived in a small small town where everyone knows everyone.
    8. You were quite the havoc wreaker yourself!
    9. I still laugh about that...
    10. Yes ok it was mean but still a little funny :)
    Love the 10 things you picked Bre! Love you too! Keep up the blogging you are good with words :)