Friday, August 13, 2010

My little "family"

My life can be very hectic. Especially since I live in a one bedroom apartment with three very long haired cats. However, all my worries are wiped away once that lovely vacuum comes out and feasts upon the mountains of cat hair that accumulate on my couches and faux hard wood floors (I prefer this terminology over laminate, how bland of a word is that?). But despite all the hair, they are my life.

Crayola is the oldest of the three (I speak as if they are my human children). She is long haired and calico. I have always adored calico's. Something about their color combinations makes me melt. But then again, every cat can do that to me!
Crayola came into my life in January 2005. An early morning house fire had taken over my life in December of 2004 and had unfortunately taken with it my beloved 7 year old cat, Calico (original, I know). I used to refer to that day as when my life ended. Cats really impact my life, and I believe that they are unique individuals and that they really do know what I am saying/singing to them. A month after her passing, I decided that it was time to get another cat (life is just not complete without one!). It took me FOREVER to find Crayola. I was bound and determined to get another calico cat. I searched high and low and was picking up buy and sell magazines weekly, and was on the phone like a mad woman. Finally the day came when I found someone with not one, but two calico kittens. I was ecstatic! We drove an hour away to look at these darlings, and as soon as I saw the little ball of fluff run around the corner, I just knew that she was mine.
Now she is the queen of the castle. She sleeps at the foot of the bed every night, demands to only drink water out of the bathroom sink, and adores her bell balls. She is quite the lady.

Flossy is the middle child. She is long haired and white with black spots. She is actually the niece of Crayola (this is where the second calico kitten comes in to play). So because of this, they share a special bond.. or so I would like to think!  She is a very sophisticated lady who when she drinks, "cups" the water from her water bowl into her paw and drinks. And when she sleeps, it is always on her back. Such a doofus.

Abby is the youngest. She is long haired and grey and ofter referred to as the devil (out of love of course!) and the princess. She came into our lives the second day in January of 2008. She is our rescue cat. My hubby found her one snowy winter morning while leaving for work. She was cold, hungry and skinny as ever. We brought her up to our apartment, where she was so thirsty that she was lapping up the snow on my hubby's work boots as it was melting. We weren't quite sure what to do with her since we already had two cats, so we called the BC SPCA and set a time for when we would be bringing her in. Long story short, she stole our hearts and has been the center of everything ever since! She is full of attitude, gets away with far too much and loves chasing the other two around for hours upon hours.

Well there you have it, that is my little family. They are hairy and wild, and I wouldn't have it any other way (for now that is ;))

Crayola and Flossy sharing a snuggle

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  1. cute kitties!!
    what about the man of the house? LOL