Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My rant on society

I have had a past few annoying days.. okay weeks, and I just have to tell everyone what I have been enduring.

Most of these rants have to do with public transit.. okay, all of them (who isn't annoyed with them, really?)

So first off, I realize that we are all in a hurry in the morning and need to jam ourselves like sardines into the sky train to get where we need to go, but some people NEED to wait for that next train. Take yesterday. I got on the train, and took my spot where little 'ol me wasn't in anyones way and close enough to the entrance so I wouldn't have to be like Moses and part the red sea when I got off in 4 stops. The train doors close, and we are on our way. The next stop approaches. People get on, people get off, all is well. EXCEPT for this oneee lady who decides that she is going to push herself against me and touch my boob, and continues to do so. Hello?! There is so much room on the other side! Go there instead. I gave her the death stare. It didn't help either that the train was already getting pretty full, and she was a "last minute rider" who had to run for the train as the doors were closing, causing the doors to re-open and close 3 more times. Can people not see that the train is full? If the train is too full when I am getting on, I simply wait for the next one. That way I know I won't get irritated, and I won't be irritating anyone else.

Secondly. Why are bus drivers such jerks?! Okay, the majority of them are nice, but there are a few of them that just need to cool their jets. They can see people running for the bus, yet they close their doors and pretend they didn't see them. Grrr. How rude! Would it seriously kill them to wait an extra 20 seconds? I just don't get it. However, I did have a very nice bus driver today who waited for an extra 3 minutes at the stop. Such a nice man.

Last week I was on the train with my book bag stuffed to it's full capability and a textbook and notebook in my left arm, carrying my water bottle in my right. I make an effort to keep my belongings to myself and not let them hit anyone as I am walking down the train "aisle" to get to a seat.
The train stops, and a mother (or babysitter, which ever) with another woman and 2 kids come on. The first woman passes by gracefully and takes her seat. The next one.. oohhh the next one.. flings her diaper bag/purse around her shoulder, hitting people in the heads, and as she continues to walk, it continues to hit people as it sways back and forth. Hello?! Can you not feel that happening? Because I know I would. And she doesn't even apologize to anyone. Now I know that it is hard to carry all that extra baggage, along with a kid, but I am not giving her that excuse. If I am able to carry my heavy bag plus have junk in my arms and not hit anyone, then I expect her to do the same.

The ignorance of people.

Another thing that just absolutely infuriates me is when an elderly person gets onto a train or bus, and NO one offers their seat. Seriously? What has this world come to? So then the elderly individual has to stand, and they almost fall over because they don't have the greatest stability. It just makes me sad. And what is even worse, is that the people that are sitting down just look out the window and pretend that they don't see this going on. It just makes you wonder how these people were raised. They need to go back to pre-school and learn about sharing.

Oh the joys of being a public transit rider!


  1. like you said....Oh the joys of being a public transit rider! Hang in there!!

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